Graduates and Students

Base Titanium is committed to providing a practical learning environment offering exceptional on-the-job opportunities to transfer academic knowledge into a real work environment. Our graduate and student programmes are designed to enable participants to learn from experts, practice their trade and create an experience-based foundation for their future careers.

Our focus is not only directed to our own employees, but also towards building capacity in the broader community as we aim to grow local talent.

There are limited places available and competition is fierce, so we encourage only those who are up for the challenge to apply. The selection criteria and recruitment process for the programme is detailed below.

While our aim is to have as many students and graduates as possible benefitting from our programmes, we do not guarantee employment beyond the specified programme term. However, we believe that the experience and knowledge gained provide the student with a competitive advantage when seeking employment elsewhere in Kenya and beyond.

For programme details, qualifying requirements and how to apply, see: