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Technical Trades Apprenticeship Programme

Technical Trade Apprentices

Technical training apprenticeships are designed to run concurrently with theoretical trade studies offered by a polytechnic or equivalent. The institution continues to provide classroom teaching whilst Base Titanium provides the practical training. Both the institution and Base Titanium conduct performance assessments to test competence before a trade certificate is issued.

The apprenticeship programme generally run for 3 years.

A new intake of apprentices is enrolled into the programme each year, which is structured to ensure maximum knowledge transfer, practical competence and experience. Apprentices will:

Technical Trade Apprentices

  • be assigned to the department relevant to the trades they are studying;
  • be given an opportunity to rotate through other departments to gain a broad appreciation of all aspects of a large mining operation;
  • be assigned to a mentor; and
  • be given a personal development plan that includes relevant skills-based tasks, training and regular progress assessments.

Apprentices receive regular feedback and are expected to complete several assessments, make quarterly presentations to management, produce written assignments and undergo practical competency testing.

What we look for

Our operation provides opportunities in many technical trades for aspiring:

  • Electricians
  • Instrument technicians
  • Mechanical fitters
  • Diesel mechanics
  • Welders
  • Heavy mobile mining equipment trades
  • Automotive electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Boilermakers
  • Plasticians

Our business needs dictate how many apprenticeships by discipline are available each year.

To be considered you must

  • be currently enrolled in and endorsed by a Kenyan polytechnic or similar institution; and
  • be a Kenyan citizen.

The recruitment process

  1. Submission of written applications to Base Titanium
  2. Base Titanium and the relevant polytechnic jointly shortlist candidates
  3. Aptitude testing
  4. Interviews

Programme commencement varies throughout the year.

“What I like most at Base is working with the expatriates. They willingly share their vast knowledge and take the time to teach me the skills required.”
Peter Sunguh, February 2015

“Base Titanium's Apprenticeship Programme is nurturing young Kenyan minds to become the leaders of our new mining industry.”
Hemedi Mohammed, February 2015

“The Base Titanium Apprenticeship is a brilliant programme. We are nurtured to be dynamic such that we can perform any task.”
Ahmed Muhammad, February 2015

“My apprenticeship programme at Base, complemented by university learning, has shown me firsthand how to implement theoretical best practice in the workplace.”
Scholarstica Mgami Mwania, February 2015