Training & Development

Base Titanium is committed to providing a practical learning environment that ensures rapid transfer of skills to Kenyans, to build capacity in its employees and to assist in developing skills for the broader mining sector in Kenya.

We run structured skills transfer and training programmes that, not only cover our own employees, but also external groups including graduates, attachees, apprentices, high school students and local community groups. This not only benefits Base Titanium, our employees and communities, but also other employers looking for work ready trades people and graduates.

Investment in our training and development programmes, aimed at sustainable transitioning to and upskilling of Kenyan employees, is funded from a budget allocation of around KES 70 million per year, demonstrating our commitment to rapid skills transfer.

The ongoing input to training and skills development is reflected in the following table.

Training Statistics Q2 2017 FY 2016/17 Total
Base Employees X Courses Attended 1,815 6,795 24,962
Contractor Employees X Courses Attended 183 1,264 5,360
Community Members X Courses Attended 51 2,206 41,549
Externals* X Courses Attended 215 850 3,670
Total Courses Delivered 96 648 2,145
Total Training Hours 7,300 56,355 205,226
  • Graduate programme, attachments and apprenticeships

Our Employees

Internally we run a number of programmes targeting employee skills development. To improve performance in current roles we provide training in the following:

  • technical skills relevant to the position;
  • supervisory skills;
  • communication skills;
  • computer skills; and
  • time management.

Further, to grow our employees and broaden their roles, we also offer development opportunities specifically targeting their potential future roles, including:

  • high potential programmes;
  • sponsored certificate programmes;
  • exposure through job rotation; and
  • leadership development.

External Programmes

Beyond our direct employees, we also run structured programmes for external groups, including:

  • graduate programme;
  • attachment/internship programmes;
  • apprenticeships;
  • work experience; and
  • community skills development.

Training Partners

Base Titanium has partnered with the Technical University of Mombasa to restructure its curriculum by providing adequate time for technical trades apprentices to gain the necessary practical experience in the workplace.

The National Industrial Training Authority (“NITA”), a newly established state corporation, has accredited our external graduate, intern and apprenticeship training programmes. Following its visit to our training facility in August 2014, NITA recommended that Base Titanium’s training programmes be used as a model on which to base the establishment of a consistent approach to skills transfer across other Kenyan industries and organisations.