Training & Development

“Training a Ready Workforce” – Base Titanium, through its training and development programmes, aims to create a rapid and sustainable workforce transition whereby more than 99% of its employees will be Kenya citizens by the year 2020.

We run two broad streams of training programmes – internal development for employees and external programmes to impart skills and experience to the wider community.

The graduate scheme, internships, apprenticeships and high schools work experience and community skills development comprise the external stream.

Demonstrating a significant commitment to rapidly transfer skills to our employees and the wider community, investment in training funded from a budget allocation of around KES 70 million per year.

The ongoing input to training and skills development is reflected in the following table.

Training Statistics Q4 2019 FY 2019/2020 Since Commencement
Base Employees X Courses Attended 611 1,134 36,018
Contractor Employees X Courses Attended 582 1,215 16,778
Community Members X Courses Attended 376 1,075 48,469
Externals* X Courses Attended 2,205 3,932 10,574
Total Courses Delivered 87 237 3,338
Total Training Hours 16,000 32,762 363,802
  • Graduate programme, attachments and apprenticeships

Internal Programmes

We run a year-round training calendar for our employees. Training provided includes safety and job-specific technical training, soft skills (e.g. delegation, time management, record keeping), computer training, first aid and emergency response training.

Additionally, “Front Line” supervisory courses are provided for selected employees to prepare them for future leadership roles in the company. They undergo both class room training, tuition from mentors and complete online, internationally accredited certificate courses in management.

A number of staff members are also supported in undertaking external studies ranging from certificate and diploma professional qualifications at local institutions to Bachelors and Masters Degree courses with international universities.

External Programmes

Beyond our direct employees, we also welcome students and local community members to participate in tailored programmes including:

  • 18-month graduate programmes;
  • 3-month attachment/internship programmes;
  • 2-year apprenticeships;
  • bi-annual high school work experience; and
  • community skills development.

Training Partners

The National Industrial Training Authority (“NITA”), a state corporation, has accredited these external graduate, internship and apprenticeship training programmes. Following its visit to our training facility in August 2014, NITA recommended that Base Titanium’s training programmes be used as a model upon which to base the establishment of a consistent approach to skills development across other Kenyan industries and organisations.