Community Programmes

Base Titanium’s investment in the community is central to its business objectives and operations. Through close collaboration with local communities, a number of key areas have been identified to assist them with meeting basic needs, capacity building, establishing the physical infrastructure to improve living standards and developing sustainable livelihood programmes.

A suite of programmes have been designed to meet the agreed goals, with many projects completed so far.

Strong links have already been established with international donor agencies, community development organisations and other like-minded businesses with a view to working together towards assisting the Kwale and Mombasa County Governments achieve their strategic development objectives.

These initiatives are focused on four key pillars:

  • providing social infrastructure for the communities;
  • promoting livelihood upliftment programmes;
  • improving community health; and
  • providing educational opportunities;

which are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals established to achieve specific targets in global development by 2030.

To May 2019 investment in these programmes has reached 1.789 billion shillings (US$17 million).

This selection of letters of appreciation is clear testimony to the significant gains made in uplifting the lives of our communities.

Community Sensitization

Community Infrastructure

Following consultation with local communities key priorities were established and feature in the Community Development Schedules of each sub-county. Read more.

Community Projects and Livelihood Programmes

With the majority of livelihoods in Kwale based on farming, agricultural development is essential in achieving sustainable improvements in socio-economic indicators. Read more.

Community Health

Base has provided much needed health infrastructure to nearby communities and works closely with other stakeholders and Kwale County Government to tackle a number of key health issues in the region. Read more.


To enable bright young Kenyans from the local area to achieve their educational potential several programmes have already been implemented working together with local NGOs. Read more.