Social Facilities

Bwiti Social Hall

Bwiti Social Hall

The social hall was constructed in 2009 at a cost of Ksh 5.4 million. It is an integral component of the Project's host resettlement site as part of the social infrastructure commitments defined in Base Titanium’s Special Mining Lease. It is located in Bwiti Village, Lunga Lunga Sub-county to serve the community in the Mrima Bwiti Resettlement Scheme and stands alongside the Bwiti Primary School, Bwiti Dispensary and a water borehole all constructed by Base Titanium. Owing to changed community priorities, this facility has now been converted to an Early Childhood Development Centre.

Ukunda Security Lighting

Security Lighting

Due to ongoing crime issues in the Gombato area of Ukunda, security upgrades were provided through the Community Development Schedules in consultation with area leaders. Two 25-metre high floodlight towers were erected in October 2015.

Ukunda Community Gym

The Ukunda Community Gym had been operating in the social hall at the Ukunda Showground since 2010. With the existing structure now allocated for other uses, the gym had nowhere to move to. Following a request made by the Ukunda community leaders to provide an alternative facility, a new design was agreed with the Kwale County Government and the operators, which includes separate areas for weight-lifting and aerobics, changing rooms and offices. The location was provided adjacent to the social hall and construction completed in November 2015.

Ukunda Gym

Rehabilitation of the Jego-Kiwegu Road

Rehabilitation of this important access road in Lunga Lunga Sub-county was a jointly implemented project with the Kwale County Government to address perennial flooding in the region. The road condition meant that many communities were cut off for extended periods of time with flooding making it impassable. Work was undertaken to raise the road and to install additional culverts that now ensure continued access through periods of heavy rainfall. Base Titanium supported the upgrade with the installation of culverts and provision of funding for materials amounting to KES 3 million.

Rehabilitation of Bwiti Roads

Bwiti is in the host resettlement site. In collaboration with the Kwale County Government, repairs have been implemented to open up previously impassable section to improve access throughout the area. The County Government supplied equipment and Base Titanium carried out civil works building culverts and supplying road surfacing material. The cost of the first phase of the rehabilitation project was KES 4 million. Phase 2 has now commenced.

Installation of Green Houses in Miembeni, Vumbu and Nguluku

As part of the community empowerment programme, green houses were installed at Miembeni, Vumbu and Nguluku villages. These communities, located in the neighbourhood of the mine, and requested the greenhouses to enhance income generating activities to help in improving their livelihoods. The greenhouses were donated to women’s groups from the three villages with input of KES 1.5 million to fund the purchase, installation and startup costs.

Supporting Sports

Football in Kwale

Since 2013 various football teams from across Kwale have been equipped with kit, goalposts, nets and balls to promote the sport with our own staff team participating in the local league.

South Coast Pirates Rugby Club

Rugby is an increasingly popular sport in Kenya with international success achieved at various levels. A group of rugby enthusiasts based in Ukunda formed a team in 1999, but had limited access to poor quality playing facilities. With funding from Base Titanium a new playing field was created and storeroom and changing facilities built. The South Coast Pirates have since achieved rapid success and were recently promoted to the Eastern Conference of the Kenya Rugby Union Championship, Kenya’s top league.

Renovation of the Mangrove Boardwalk for Wasini Women’s Group

The group was formed in 1998 as an income generating initiative for women in Wasini. The boardwalk project, initiated as a tourist attraction, initially received support from the Kenya Wildlife Services who built the boardwalk. As part of its diverse portfolio of community support initiatives, Base Titanium provided funding to the value of KES 440,000 to renovate the boardwalk.