Medical Facilities

Supporting the Kwale County Government’s commitment to improve health delivery is a key component of our community programmes. This is aligned with the County’s Integrated Development Plan, together with inputs from the communities themselves through each sub-county’s Community Development Schedules ("CDS").

Key health infrastructure provided by Base Titanium so far includes a health centre at Magaoni, a dispensary at Bwiti, provision of an ambulance for and construction of a blood bank at the Msambweni Referral Hospital and a new maternity wing for the Likoni District Hospital, the latter two completed in 2017.

The total invested by the company in establishing these facilities amounts to Ksh 88 million.

Magaoni Health Centre

Magaoni Health Centre is located in Magaoni Village, Msambweni Sub-county. This project was carried out as part of the commitments under the Special Mining Lease, which identified the need to provide health infrastructure near the mine site.

Phase I of the facility was officially opened in July 2014 by the Governor of Kwale County, Salim Mvurya. At a cost of Ksh 26 million, construction and equipping of the Health Centre was one of the larger community projects undertaken by Base Titanium so far. This phase includes an outpatient wing, mother and child health, mini theatre, store and records room, pharmacy, VCT room, laboratory, a delivery room, an incinerator and staff houses.

The electricity connection has been completed which will pave the way for Phase 2 construction to begin following ongoing consultation with Kwale County Government. This will include a maternity wing, an inpatient wing and more staff housing.

The Health Centre has nine catchment villages with a total population of about 4,000 and currently caters for approximately 60 patients a day. It was built to improve health service delivery to nearby communities who had difficulty in accessing health care.

The Magaoni Community Health Unit is based at the Health Centre and provides primary healthcare services and outreach programmes to nearby residents. This modern facility, with the support of the Kwale County Government, stands to become one of the leading health service providers in the region.

Magaoni Health Centre

Magaoni Health Centre

Magaoni Health Centre

Bwiti Dispensary

The Bwiti Dispensary, located in Bwiti Village, Lunga Lunga Sub-county, represents a component of Base Titanium’s commitment to provide an integrated set of social infrastructure serving the community relocated from the mine site to the Mrima Bwiti Resettlement Scheme.

The dispensary was constructed in 2012 and a staff house was added in 2014. In addition to the buildings, the unit was fully equipped and stocked with medicines at a cost of Ksh 14 million and serves on average 1,200 out patients per month.

It stands alongside the Bwiti Primary School, Bwiti Social Hall (since converted to an Early Childhood Development Centre) and a water borehole, all constructed by Base Titanium under its commitments defined in Special Mining Lease.

Bwiti Dispensary

Bwiti Dispensary

Bwiti Dispensary

Ambulance for Msambweni Referral Hospital

Under the Special Mining Lease a dispensary was to be placed near the mine site. However, since the Magaoni Health Centre is located near the mine, after consultations with the local community and the Kwale County Government, it was agreed that the dispensary would be replaced with a 4X4 ambulance to serve the needs of the wider community. This was also approved by the Ministry of Mines and a new Toyota Landcruiser 4X4 was procured and equipped to county specifications and handed over to the Kwale County Governor, His Excellency Salim Mvurya on 29th September 2015 at Msambweni County Referral Hospital.

Ambulance Handover

Ambulance Handover

Bwiti Dispensary

Water Supply for Mbuta Health Centre

Mbuta Health Centre

As part of the CDS established with the Likoni Liaison Committee, a water supply scheme comprising pump, tank, tank stand and piping was installed at Mbuta Health Centre in Mtongwe in August 2015 costing Ksh 1.1 million.

Staff Housing for Ng'ombeni Dispensary

Base Titanium has constructed a 2-bedroom house for staff working at the dispensary.

Serving around 15 villages in the area, Ng’ombeni Dispensary now has a newly built maternity wing constructed by the Kwale County Government, which handles more than 20 deliveries per month. As some deliveries take place at night, the house has greatly assisted by allowing staff to be on site 24 hours a day. The project, part of the CDS for the Kwale Liaison Committee, was completed in 2016 at a cost of Ksh 7.4 million.

Maternity Wing for Likoni Sub-county Hospital

This facility serves the whole sub-county and also part of Kwale County. With the ferry presenting serious challenges for women facing difficult deliveries, the community identified the need for a maternity wing as an important upgrade to the existing facility.

Construction of the maternity wing by Base Titanium under the CDS for the Likoni Liaison Committee, and now providing for more than 30 deliveries each month, was completed in 2017 at an investment of Ksh 19.7 million.

Blood Bank for Msambweni Referral Hospital

This undertaking, in partnership with the Kwale County Government and the German development agency, GIZ, was driven by the need for a reliable blood bank in Kwale County. The need to overcome the logistical problems associated with sourcing blood in Mombasa or transferring patient there was identified in the 2012 Health Impact Assessment carried out by Base Titanium.

The company funded construction of the building, completed in 2017 at a cost of Ksh 15.0 million, while GIZ and the Kwale County Government are responsible for equipping the facility and training its staff.