Sorghum Farming

After trials in 2016, planting was rolled out to the community across Kwale County the following year.

In 2017, 150 farmers produced an initial harvest of 60 tonnes, of which 50 tonnes was sold to East Africa Breweries as a trial batch.

The programme was expanded the following year to include 700 farmers who produced 350 tonnes.

Sorghum has proved to be well suited to the coastal climate and soils and is delivering impressive yields. In addition to it being a profitable commercial crop, it provides a nutritious dietary supplement and is an important ingredient in feed stock formulation.

Along with cotton seed, soya and pulses, it is being used to produce affordable chicken feed for participants in our community poultry programme. Base Titanium has donated a threshing machine to process the harvested sorghum and a milling machine that will be incorporated in the Pavi Business Park.

In further support of this highly successful venture, Base Titanium has donated a threshing machine to mechanise separation of the grain from the plant material after harvesting.