Cotton Farming

Cotton is one of the major cash crops that the company has been encouraging farmers to plant.

Trials in 2014 were undertaken to test the economics of cotton farming in Kwale and to determine cotton lint quality, including fibre strength and colour and to select suitable varieties. Successful yields and excellent quality provided strong indication that this crop has the potential to become an important contributor to agricultural livelihoods in the region.

Cotton farming has now been taken up by over 1,000 smallholder farmers cultivating about 1,500 acres. The crop is central to the Pavi Business Park concept, which will include a ginnery, together with oil press and livestock feed preparation for the leftover seed, the only one in the coastal region.

Working with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives and the Fibre Crops Directorate, Base Titanium is supporting the revival of the cotton industry, a stated objective of the Government of Kenya under the Big Four Agenda to steer the nation towards industrialisation.

Agricultural Programmes