Community Groups Training

Base Titanium aims to build relationships with the communities in which it operates by enriching their lives through active participation, by empowering them and by providing appropriate capacity building programmes to maximise sustainable economic benefits without creating dependency.

A measure of the success of these programmes is illustrated by this testimonial letter from one such group in Chigombero.

Community Economic Empowerment Training

Base Titanium entered into a service agreement with Dzarino Community Based Training Organisation in November 2014 to run an economic empowerment training programme for project affected community groups. The purpose is to equip communities with basic skills to help them to initiate business start-ups and undertake entrepreneurial activities to improve their livelihoods.

Training programmes are based on the following 5 modules:

  • Group Management and Leadership Skills
  • Savings Management
  • Credit Management
  • Business and Financial Management
  • Income Generating Activities Skills

The training is delivered using methods that enable the participants to understand the information presented. A participatory approach has been adopted with the trainers making extensive use of stories, pictures, role plays, group exercises, discussions, presentations and brainstorming. This has already proven successful, particularly for the elderly and illiterate participants, with positive feedback received from the communities.

community groups training

The composition of the groups is diverse and includes youth, the elderly, men and women drawn from:

Group Village
Nuru Njema Women's Group Zigira
Jefsi Youth Group Chigombero
Kuzamako Women's Group Magaoni
Tumaini Self Help Group Chigombero
Bwiti Irrigation Group Bwiti
Mrima Bwiti Famers' Group Bwiti
Zinduka Women's Group Mshiu
Muungano Women's Group Magaoni
Vumba Women's Group Mtongwe
Mbuta Women's Group Mtongwe
New Port Youth Group Bofu
Pearl Women's Group Bofu
Mtaa wa Pwani Women's Group Bofu
Mnazini Youth Group Timbwani
Bin Walid Youth Group Timbwani
Top Ten Youth Group Timbwani
Giza Youth Group Likoni
Dodo Women's Group Shika Adaubu

Village Savings and Loan Association Training

Dzumbe Limited is a community based training organisation in Kwale engaged to empower Community Health Volunteers ("CHVs"), in the Community Health Units ("CHU") established through the Kwale County Health Department. The focus of this training is to introduce them to the Village Savings and Loan Association (“VSLA”) savings model, which promotes a culture of savings, accessing small loans to support income generating projects and improving their livelihoods. The VSLA concept entails members voluntarily coming together to form saving groups. The savings are then invested in a loan fund from which members borrow and repay at a small interest. Savings are held over 9 to 12-month cycles after which each member receives their savings plus interest.

Dzumbe carried out VSLA training for Magaoni, Mivumoni, Kibuyuni Community Units and conducted monitoring and mentoring of the CHVs through the first savings cycle in 2015. The VSLA groups have increased from 5 to 61 in September 2017, across the 7 CHUs. A total of 1,334 members, mainly women, now participate in weekly savings meetings. The CHVs have now taken over the role of training and supporting VSLA groups in their respective communities with Kibuyuni CHVs initiating supply of VSLA kits as one of their income generating activities.



Likoni Beach Management Unit Maritime Training

As a community initiative geared towards improving livelihoods of Likoni residents, where the port facility is located, Base Titanium donated a fishing boat, named MV Base One, and gear worth Ksh 7 million to the Likoni Beach Management Unit (“BMU”). It also supports the BMU by facilitating access to maritime studies training at the Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute in Tanzania to enhance the group’s capacity to carry out its fishing activities in a safe and effective manner. A total of 45 members of the BMU will complete the programme at a cost of Ksh 6 million.