Community Health Units

Base Titanium supports the Community Strategy, launched in 2006 by the Ministry of Health, which aims to improve health status at the community level.

The strategy provides for Community Health Volunteers (“CHV”), one per 20 households, to act as a link between their communities and the nearest health facility. CHVs within the same location are mobilised to form a Community Health Unit (“CHU”). The CU is supported by a Community Health Extension Worker who acts as a link between the CUs, community and the county Ministry of Health. The CHVs are at the forefront in promoting basic community health.

community health

The CHVs actively engage their respective communities on various health issues such as improving sanitation and hygiene and promoting good health practice. The programme is closely coordinated with the County Health Departments, the communities themselves and other relevant stakeholders.

Through this programme 241 CHVs have been trained covering 46 villages around the Kwale Mine, the Likoni port facility and the host resettlement site at Bwiti across 7 CHUs as follows:

  • Magaoni CHU (linked to Magaoni Health Centre); 21 CHVs covering 7 villages: Magaoni, Mwaloya, Majikuko, Bumamani, Vumbu, Mwaweche and Miembeni.
  • Mivumoni CHU (linked to Mivumoni Catholic Dispensary); 25 CHVs covering 6 villages: Fingirika, Dzibwage, Kibwaga, Nguluku, Mivumoni A and Mivumoni B.
  • Kibuyuni CHU (Linked to Likoni Sub-County Hospital); 68 CHVs covering 7 villages: Kibuyuni A, Kibuyuni B, Madongani, Bagaani, Migombani, Mtaa wa Pwani and Mbogoyani.
  • Jitahidi CHU (linked to Bwiti Dispensary and in conjunction with Aga Khan University); 47 CHVs covering 10 villages: Mshiu, Mwangwei, Nguzo B, Nguzo C, Mwarustwa, Wasaa, Nkaphu, Makorokoroni, Nguzo A and Kanana.
  • Mafisini CHU (linked to Mafisini Dispensary); 20 CHVs covering 6 villages: Mafisini A, Mafisini B, Kidiani, Mwachande, Magodi and Kidzumbani.
  • Gazi CHU (linked to Gazi Dispensary); 20 CHVs covering 3 villages: Fihoni, Gazi and Madongoni.
  • Kombani CHU (linked to Kombani Dispensary); 40 CHVs covering 7 villages: Bowa Matopeni, Minazini, Kombani Central, Chitsandze, Majengo Mapya, Kidzumu and Kitsakamata.