Schools Sports Programme

Base Titanium supports education and life skills development through sports.

Life skills modules, directed towards promoting behavioural change and positive attitude through sports and environmental programmes, are provided to a number of primary schools.

Base Titanium, through its partnership with Sports For All, runs a Life Skills Programme in 28 primary schools in Kwale County and Likoni Sub-County. The programme focuses on improving children’s performance through building life skills using the medium of sports and enjoyment and seeking to instill values through attitude shaping. These lessons include gender equality, teamwork, anti-bullying, respect, co-existence and environmental awareness, alongside games such as athletics, football, netball, volleyball and touch-rugby. This programme reaches approximately 13,000 pupils each week.

The programme is running in the following schools:

No. Primary School Location Sub-County
1 Duncan Ndegwa Mivumoni Msambweni
2 Mafisini Mivumoni Msambweni
3 Magodi Mivumoni Msambweni
4 Mivumoni Mivumoni Msambweni
5 Mkwambani Kinondo Msambweni
6 Zigira Kinondo Msambweni
7 Magaoni Kinondo Msambweni
8 Galu Kinondo Msambweni
9 Kinondo Kinondo Msambweni
10 Makongeni Kinondo Msambweni
11 Gazi Kinondo Msambweni
12 Mwapala Majimboni Matuga
13 Bwiti Kikoneni Lunga Lunga
14 Chigombero Kikoneni Lunga Lunga
15 Mwambalazi Kikoneni Lunga Lunga
16 Mshiu Kikoneni Lunga Lunga
17 Vwivwini Kikoneni Lunga Lunga}
18 Kidimu School for the Deaf Pongwe/Kidimu Lunga Lunga
19 Shika Adabu Shika Adabu Likoni
20 Consolata Shika Adabu Likoni
21 Vijiweni Shika Adabu Likoni
22 Vyemani Shika Adabu Likoni
23 Jamvi la Wageni Likoni Likoni
24 Likoni Likoni Likoni
25 Puma Likoni Likoni
26 Mrima Likoni Likoni
27 Peleleza Likoni Likoni
28 Likoni School for the Blind Likoni Likoni