Academic Scholarships

Base Titanium provides significant funding to ensure that bright students from Kwale County and Likoni Sub-county have access to secondary and tertiary level education.

Since 2015 our scholarship and bursary programme has seen over 2,000 students benefitting and, to February 2019, the investment totals 282 million shillings (US$2.8 million).

The programme is designed to give opportunities to academically gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Beneficiaries at both levels are selected through a rigorous vetting process that assures transparency and equity. .

The scholarships cover tuition fees, which are paid directly to the school or institution.


Working with Our Partners

In addition to its own educational support programme, Base Titanium works with a number of local education NGOs and institutions by providing financial support to fund various other educational programmes aimed at increasing the number of boys and girls able to access secondary and tertiary education leading to positive long-term impacts.

Hatua Likoni

community health workers

Hatua Likoni is an NGO based in Likoni. It operates a scholarship programme targeting low income households with high performing children. We have worked with Hatua Likoni on a number of education and medical projects since 2012 and to date Base has provided the organisation with 24 million shillings (US$235,000) for its scholarship programme and other community initiatives. These funds have supported 200 students.

Friends for Life

community health workers

Friends for Life is a locally based NGO run by a Dutch Foundation providing further education opportunities in the coastal region. Since 2013, Base Titanium has supported over 20 tertiary level students from Kwale and Mombasa through this programme to date by providing funding of 10 million shillings (US$98,000.

Aga Khan Academy Mombasa

Aiming to develop future leaders with the skills and knowledge to support positive development in their societies, the Aga Khan Academy provides learning opportunities to exceptional students from all backgrounds. While emphasising the importance of academic excellence, the programme also instills a sense of civic responsibility, leadership and the desire to give back to communities. Through Base Titanium's contribution in 2017 of one million shillings (US$10,000), 14 students from Kwale were selected through the Academy’s talent identification programme to join other beneficiaries from across East Africa, including those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Al Kahf Foundation

Al Kahf is an Islamic development welfare organisation based in Ukunda, Kwale County. Through advocacy, it secures scholarships from donor organisations for tertiary level students in the region. Base Titanium has partnered with Al Kahf through provision of logistical support to over 40 students to enable them to study courses in law, medicine and business at the International University of Africa in the Sudan.

Ummah Initiative Group

The Ummah Initiative Group (“UIG”) is a local Community Based Organisation active in education, career guidance and combating Violent Extremism and Radicalisation. UIG seeks to economically empower youth to prevent them falling prey to extremism. The partnership between Base Titanium and UIG dates back to 2012 and has so far seen more than 5,000 local youth benefit through scholarship opportunities, career guidance, gainful employment and entrepreneurship as sources of income.