Our Approach

Achieving our long-term goals is dependent on building relationships with the communities in which we operate and establishing a balanced flow of mutual benefits.

Safety culture

Communities affected by the Project play an integral role in our overall success. This is achieved through a structured and integrated community engagement approach. By supporting equitable development we seek to establish a model for future growth opportunities in other parts of Kenya and beyond, in a manner that emphasises the value of local community participation and recognises their cultural heritage.

To achieve this Base Titanium’s organisational structure brings community affairs to the highest managerial level and allows for a deep understanding of community impacts during the design, construction, operational and ultimately decommissioning phases of the Project. Furthermore, with diversity and professionalism at all levels, our objective is to provide sustainable solutions to a broad range of community issues.

Communities Policy

We strive to build lasting and beneficial relationships with our communities. Our Communities Policy is based on working together in a way that allows broad participation of affected people and demonstrates our long-term commitment to deliver real, tangible and sustainable benefits. Our social management systems have been prepared to the highest international standards to guide us in achieving this objective.

Social Management

Base’s Environment & Community Affairs Department is responsible for delivering and managing the social components of the Project, which are guided by: