Various phases of resettlement have been undertaken since 2006, each conducted according to its own Resettlement Action Plan (“RAP”) prepared and implemented in collaboration with local committees, including representatives of directly affected communities. Compensation was paid for land, agricultural crops, forest trees, structures and graves. Additionally, requirements for livelihood replacement strategies and replacement land were provided. These RAPs were prepared in compliance with international best practice as stipulated in the IFC Performance Standards.

Affected households included 381 in the Special Mining Lease ("SML"), 112 associated with the Mukurumudzi Dam and 86 in the access road and water pipeline routes. Of these a total of 486 were physically relocated.

As part of the programme 289 graves were exhumed and reinterred in a specially created cemetery adjacent to the SML.

We have also engaged the Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited (“KPLC”) to undertake resettlement of communities associated with the 132kV power transmission line from Galu to the mine site. KPLC is mandated to implement resettlement linked to power reticulation in Kenya. The RAP was prepared in accordance with KPLC’s resettlement framework which follows IFC’s Performance Standards. 159 households were affected by the 14km trace.

Completion audits have been carried out on these RAPs confirming successful conclusion of the associated activities.

Further resettlement was implemented in early 2017 in response to impacts associated with mining operations. Through Base’s monitoring programme potential noise impacts were identified to the north of the Central Dune as mining operations moved closer to neighbouring communities. Consultation through the Mining Project Liaison Committee culminated in an agreement to temporarily resettle 28 households from this area. The process included leasing land from the owners, provision of alternative land and compensation for assets. Agreements with landowners were developed and financial training provided to all households to assist them in managing the resettlement process.