Security is a core requirement for all Project stakeholders including individuals, local communities, the business and local authorities.

Security Photo

Being cognisant of our role in the community, we consider engagement with local communities, authorities and civil society as paramount in establishing positive relationships in our areas of operation.

Guided by our Security Policy, we acknowledge that the company and its stakeholders share a common goal of ensuring respect for human rights as established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Safeguarding our personnel and assets is a task always undertaken in compliance with the law and international best practice in law enforcement.

The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights is a global initiative that provides guidance on safety and security within a framework that ensures respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Base Titanium aspires to operate within this framework and, to this end, continuously seeks to comply with these principles in managing its security.

See also UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In addition to its mine infrastructure, Base Titanium also operates its own dedicated minerals storage and ship loading facility in Likoni, which is International Ship and Port Facility Security ("ISPS") accredited.