Environmental Management

The Environmental and Social Management System (“ESMS”) was developed to give effect to our Environment Policy and is continually reviewed and updated. It provides the context and framework for the systematic management of environmental and social impacts associated with our operations in a manner that supports continual improvement in performance.

Grassing the Dam Wall

In accordance with Kenya’s environmental legislation and International Best Practice, a comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (“ESIA”), addenda reports and Environmental and Social Management Plans (“ESMPs”) were prepared, approved by the National Environmental Management Authority (“NEMA”) and implemented.

For a synopsis of the ESIA documentation,read the Non-technical Environmental and Social Impact Summary Report.

Operating under Environmental Impact Assessment License EIA/001, Registration No. 0000048 issued by NEMA in 2005, the mine is fully compliant with Kenyan legislation. The validity of the license is maintained by way of Annual Environmental Audit Reports prepared by NEMA-licensed and registered environmental experts who undertake environmental, social and occupational health and safety (“OHS”) compliance assessments, appraise environmental and social monitoring and mitigation mechanisms and review environmental, social and OHS standards.

Management Plans and Programmes

A series of management plans and programmes have been developed and implemented to guide the environmental management of the operations and they form an integral component of the ESMS. They are informed by comprehensive specialist and baseline studies and ongoing monitoring data and align the operations with legislation and international standards. Read more

Environmental Monitoring

Building on comprehensive baseline studies, a range of environmental parameters are routinely monitored to improve understanding of baseline environmental conditions and to continuously evaluate environmental impacts. Read more