Management Plans & Programmes

Integral to the Environmental and Social Management System (“ESMS”) and giving effect to our Environmental Policy, a suite of Environmental Management Plans (“EMPs”) and programmes have been developed to guide the environmental management of the operations.

A comprehensive understanding of the environmental impacts during exploration, design and construction, the impacts and opportunities presented during operations, and ultimately closure, inform our EMPs and direct our environmental programmes. Their purpose is to ensure that environmental impacts are managed and opportunities are identified and capitalised on.

Development of the plans and programmes was informed by comprehensive specialist and baseline studies and ongoing monitoring. They ensure that the operations are aligned with legislative requirements and international standards, including the Equator Principles and the IFC Performance Standards and EHS Guidelines.

The EMPs are live documents that are regularly reviewed and updated in response to evolving circumstances identified though our management systems and are designed to cover the mine site, the Likoni port facility, minerals transportation and the water supply system.

To capitalise on opportunities, Base Titanium has established a comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Programme and a suite of Environmental Programmes aimed at improving biodiversity and promoting conservation in the region. Working with subject experts and through partnerships with environmental and conservation organisations, we are delivering sustainable environmental outcomes that enable us to meet our obligations in managing the operations in an environmentally responsible manner.