Biodiversity Corridor

Being in close proximity the Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa Biodiversity Hotspot, we capitalise on the opportunity to achieving net positive biodiversity outcomes by establishing a Biodiversity Corridor in the mining lease.

Base Titanium has established and nurtures a biodiversity corridor to link remnant patches of indigenous forest occurring in the mining lease to the existing Gongoni Forest Reserve. This project encompasses such forest patches along the Mukurumudzi River and Mukurumudzi Dam shoreline and those associated with the restored wetland and areas impacted by construction works. Also included are areas in the mining lease bordering the Gongoni Forest Reserve that are not impacted by mining activities.

Planting out trees propagated in the mine’s indigenous tree nursery commenced in December 2013. To date more than 48,000 have been planted, including 8,500 representing species classified as being of Conservation Significance. Of these 1,400 are the Critically Endangered gigasiphon macrosiphon. Wetlands, established as part of the mine’s storm water management system, are also incorporated into the biodiversity corridor.

The great success of this project is evidenced by increased sightings of a wide range of invertebrates, amphibians, birds and mammals with new records being periodically added.