Environmental Education

Base Titanium’s commitment to encourage collective responsibility for the environment forms the basis of the Education Programme.

Working with our host communities, partner organisations, conservation groups and environmental experts, we create awareness of the importance of environmental protection, pollution prevention, biodiversity conservation and development in an environmentally responsible manner.

In conjunction with the members of the Herpetology Section of the National Museums of Kenya, community education in conservation of reptiles and amphibians has been initiated. A snake identification poster has been designed and printed for distribution in surrounding villages and members of the Community Health Units supported by Base Titanium have been provided with basic training on snake identification and first aid treatment for snake bites.

In partnership with the Little Sports Organisation (“LSO”), as an extension to the school sports programmes already in place, an environmental awareness programme for school children is being introduced. The programme, reaching some 15,000 children across Kwale County and in Likoni, makes use of internationally recognised environmental days by staging special awareness events.

In collaboration with relevant agencies, such as the Mukurumudzi Water Resource Users Association, Community Health Workers and Wildlife Conservation Committees, the environmental department also holds workshops and makes presentations to spread conservation awareness.