Rehabilitation & Restoration

Rehabilitation and restoration are two key processes necessary to minimise and mitigate impacts of mining operations.

Rehabilitation is the process of returning land disturbed by mining activities to a degree of its former state.

Restoration is the process of ecological recovery of a site to a natural landscape and habitat that provides ecosystem services capable of supporting human, wildlife, and plant communities.

Successful rehabilitation of the Mukurumudzi Dam embankment and other areas impacted during project construction forms the basis of this programme, which provided an opportunity to trial a number of methodologies. Various land preparation techniques, bank stabilisation methods, green manures for soil improvement and a variety of pioneer plant species have been trialled ahead of the rehabilitation works.

A key component of this programme, rehabilitation of the tailings storage facility outer walls, commenced in April 2017.

Restoration activities are ongoing and include establishment of the biodiversity corridor and a successful wetland restoration programme in the mining lease.