Waste Recycling

The demand for timber is placing increasing strain on the region’s natural forests. Minimising the impact on forests is important for ensuring their conservation of biodiversity and ecology.

During the construction phase of the Kwale Project equipment and machinery were delivered to site on shipping pallets and in wooden crates. Along with other recyclable products, this formed the basis of establishing the Waste Recycling Programme.

Base Titanium has employed and trained carpenters drawn from the local communities who are engaged in turning the mountain of packing timber into well-crafted pieces that are used on the mine or in the surrounding communities. They have made benches and tables, compost boxes and propagators for tree nursery and a variety of other useful pieces. Community projects include construction of a fence around Kibwaga Feeder School, repair of the Gazi Women Mangrove Boardwalk, making desks and dustbins for schools and furniture for Footprints Orphanage in Majimboni and Umoja Orphanage in Shamu.

Other recycling projects undertaken include use of empty milk cartons in community and school tree nurseries and 200-litre drums donated to needy households for water storage.

Such community projects are always delivered with the message – REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE – to explain the importance of recycling along with suggestions for schools and communities to implement the same in order to foster a culture of recycling and to reduce waste and the demand on indigenous forests.