Our Approach

We are committed to undertaking our activities in a way that minimises impacts on the environment and maximises opportunities for positive environmental outcomes. Our Environmental Policy and the “Base Way”, our core set of guiding business principles, drive our commitment to prevent pollution and minimise impacts, while protecting and conserving biodiversity and driving environmentally responsible behaviour internally and in our communities.

We believe that good environmental performance contributes to business success. Our employees are empowered to work in an environmentally responsible manner and are encouraged to take personal responsibility in this regard. We work with our host communities, the environmental authorities, conservation groups and expert organisations to realise our objectives to sustaining and improving the regions rich biodiversity and regularly review our environmental performance to achieve continuous improvement.

A comprehensive understanding of the environmental impacts during exploration, design and construction and the opportunities presented during operations and ultimately closure direct our environmental programmes. Base Titanium ensures that management of environmental impacts receives appropriate attention and opportunities are identified and exploited.

Environmental Policy

In carrying out our mandate to drive environmentally responsible actions, we are guided by Base Titanium’s Environmental Policy.