Base is committed to transferring skills to employees and the wider community. This is evidenced by the fact that we invest around KES 70 million per year on training.

We see this as essential if we are to help our employees perform safely and to their full potential in their current roles.

We also focus on building capacity for future roles, whether it be developing leaders from our existing employees or building skills capacity in the broader community.

We have developed a Centre for Excellence which delivers classroom and practical training to both employees and community members.

Training and Developing Our People

The internal training and development programs focus on the development of skills, knowledge and behaviours required to perform current roles safely.

Skills Development

Base Titanium is committed to training employees and offers ongoing training programs designed to help employees safely perform their current roles in accordance with the Base Way. Training covers technical skills and various workplace skills that help people work effectively together and is delivered through a combination of classroom training, on the job training, mentoring, coaching and attendance at external training events.

Best Practice Safety

Base Titanium is committed to safety and has entrenched a best-practice safety culture across all its operations. This all starts with safety training which is the first priority training for everyone coming into or visiting the site. We have a full complement of training modules to cover all identified risks including “Take Five”, hazard identification, first aid, firefighting, and emergency response training to name a few.

Transferring Skills for the Future

Our objective is to assist in developing local talent to not only meet our needs but Kenya’s future labour requirements through the provision of practical workplace experiences.

We aim to teach and transfer knowledge moving towards an increasing national base at senior levels in the organisation.

Building an Internal Leader Talent Pool

Employees are selected for inclusion in the Leader Talent Pool based on assessed potential and achieved performance. Several learning interventions are used to build leadership skills including but not limited to:

  • 2-year Frontline Program for potential Supervisors or Managers
  • Participation in internationally accredited certificate courses in management or supervision
  • Planned job rotations
  • One on one coaching
  • Targeted projects and acting opportunities

Building Skills in the Community

Our external training programs allow students and local community members to benefit from tailored skills transfer opportunities.

Graduate Program

A number of graduates are selected every two years to participate in an 18-month practical application program.

Attachment Program

Apprenticeships are designed to run concurrently with university or college/polytechnic studies and run for two years.

Technical Trades Program

The two year apprenticeship program is designed to run concurrently with theory studies offered by tertiary institutions.

High School Program

Partnering with several local secondary schools, the program offers industry experience for Form 2 and 3 pupils from the Kwale and Likoni communities.

Community Training

Training modules provided vary from entrepreneurial and life skills such as micro finance, basic computing, first aid and formal Grade 3 technical training in boilermaking, HDPE welding and electrical wiring.