Our Approach


Base Titanium is committed to minimising environmental impacts, while protecting and conserving biodiversity and driving environmentally responsible behaviour in our operation, and in our communities.

Working Together

Our employees are empowered to work in an environmentally responsible manner. We work with our host communities, the environmental authorities, conservation groups and expert organisations to sustain and improve the region’s rich biodiversity.

Biodiversity and
Conservation Program

Base Titanium operates a large indigenous tree nursery and arboretum to conserve and propagate trees of conservation importance. In collaboration with various specialists, Base Titanium also regularly undertakes habitat surveys to improve knowledge of the region’s rich biodiversity.


Wetland Restoration

In partnership with the National Museums of Kenya, Base Titanium re-established a wetland that now provides a habitat for both flora and fauna of conservation importance. The restored wetlands are now part of a Biodiversity Corridor. Additional wetlands have been integrated into the storm water management system.


Land Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the process of returning land disturbed by mining activities to a degree of its former state. Our rehabilitation objectives are to minimise any residual environmental impacts resulting from the mining operations and, in consultation with communities and government, help create an environmentally and economically sustainable land.


Waste Recycling

Our culture of minimising wastage is driven by the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle and cradle-to-cradle rather than cradle-to-grave.


Environmental Education

Our education programs aim to create awareness in our host communities and schools of the importance of environmental protection and biodiversity conservation.


Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring is essential to ensure that our Environmental Management System is achieving its desired goals. Our monitoring is not just for compliance with legislation and permit condition, but is informed by responsible environmental stewardship.

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